Cheese Wrapped In Kataifi

When I think of Leros, a small island in Greece I remember the delicacies we enjoyed at a restaurant by the windmill, named Mylos. Especially the one which surprised me was an appetiser served with wine; Feta cheese rolled in kadayıf / kadaifi (shredded fillo) quick fried and, savory with a drizzle of honey on top and pomegranate syrup. However hard I tried Takis was not willing to share the secrets of the recipe. So I tried making my own which turned out to be a great success.


250 gr (8 oz) hard feta or goat cheese
250 gr (8 oz) kataifi dough (shredded fillo)
120 ml (1/2 cup) milk
2-3 tbs honey
2-3 tbs pomegranate syrup / balsamic vinegar
some oil to fry

How To:

Cut the cheese into 10-12 cm long bars. Take out the kataifi fillo, loosen the strands, and sprinkle some milk on the loosened strands, work with your hands. Take some strands, lay on the counter and roll around each cheese bar. Repeat until you are finished with the cheese.
Quick fry all bars until golden brown, cut into squares, drizzle pomegranate syrup on serving dish. Place the kataifi squares on syrup and drizzle honey on top. Serve hot or warm.





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